About us

About us

UNI Global Union, based in Nyon, Switzerland, represents more than 20 million workers from over 900 trade unions in the fastest growing sectors in the world – skills and services. A total of 90% of new jobs are expected to be in these sectors in the next decade. UNI and our affiliates in all regions are driven by the responsibility to ensure these jobs are decent and workers’ rights are protected, including the right to join a union and collective bargaining.

Through its Sector Global Unions, UNI represents workers in Cleaning and Security, Commerce, Finance, Gaming, Graphical and Packaging, Hair and Beauty, Information, Communication, Technology and Services Industry (ICTS), Media, Entertainment and Arts, Post and Logistics, Social Insurance, Sport, Temp and Agency workers, and Tourism industries as well as Professionals and Managers, Women and Youth.

UNI’s Breaking Through strategy is about changing the rules of the game in the global labour market and ensuring justice and equality for working people. UNI is working with its affiliates to organise the global service sector workforce at a time of unprecedented precarious work, and record youth unemployment.

The theme of UNI’s World Congress in Cape Town 2014 was "Including You" which encompassed the fight for union growth; the promotion of a new fairer and sustainable global economy; and the world of work where quality jobs, collective bargaining, and social protection will be the keys to success in an increasingly volatile global labour market.

UNI’s GROW Programme (Get Recognition Organise Workers) is resulting in a constantly growing membership and strong affiliated unions striving to improve the working conditions and the lives of workers in the services and allied sectors.

Winning for Workers

  • UNI have agreed over 50 Global Agreements with multinational companies have set fair standards and conditions for their more than 10 million workers around the world.
  • UNI is the voice of service workers at the global level with seats on key sustainability organisations like the UN Global Compact and at forums for global leaders like the G20 and the World Economic Forum.
  • UNI’s organising fund supports our affi liated unions as they organise thousands of workers around the globe.
  • We have support with our unions in the Middle East and North Africa as they win the fight for democracy, freedom and justice.
  • Working with our Colombian unions, the government and national and multinational employers and through our Freedom from Fear campaign, we are breaking the cycle of violence against trade unionists and creating a safe environment for trade union work.
  • UNI is co-ordinating global resistance for worker and union rights at the world’s biggest retailer, Walmart.
  • UNI is one of founders of the Bangladesh Accord, a binding and enforceable agreement which protects garment workers in Bangladesh from the unacceptable dangers of fire and building hazards. Almost 100 brands and retailers have now signed the Accord.


Philip Jennings - General Secretary Christy Hoffman - Deputy General Secretary
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