UNI Finance, the Global Union for all finance and insurance workers represents 3 million employees in 237 trade unions world wide.

UNI Finance follows the UNI Global Union breaking through strategy to define its objectives, goals and work programme.

The five key objectives are:

1) Political and regulatory influence
Strategic objective: To change and bring a stronger social dimension to global and regional processes of integration and regulatory frameworks and be a recognised partner in these processes. UNI Finance works with policy-makers from the EU and the G20.

2) Global companies
Strategic objective: To build organising strength within the global corporations operating in banking, insurance and central banks, and to negotiate global and regional agreements.

3) Organising and campaigns
Strategic objective: To gain union recognition in finance and to further facilitate union growth by building the capacity to support organising campaigns worldwide. Specific campaigns for the finance sector include the Sales versus Advice campaign and Bank employees as vectors of change.

4) Jobs with social security and justice for all
Strategic objective: To improve workplaces and raise employment standards in the services and allied sectors. UNI finance works on these issues through the social dialogue frameworks.

5) UNI as a proactive, innovative and inclusive organisation
Strategic objective: To operate a modern, effective, innovative and well-run UNI Global Union and to secure the active involvement of all affiliates and mobilisation of their rank and file members, union representatives and leading officials in our work. For each of its thematic priorities, UNI Europa Finance has set up Working Groups focusing on each theme. UNI Finance is also in regular contact with its Regional offices in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

UNI Finance has developed a strategic planning framework based on the breaking through strategy and the UNI Finance Programme. This provides an indication of the annual work priorities across all of the four UNI regions.

UNI Finance Staff at UNI Global Union

The UNI Finance Department consists of:

Marcio Monzane, Head of UNI Finance
Elise Buckle, UNI Finance Global Policy Coordinator
Regula Khemiri, Departmental Assistant UNI Finance

UNI Finance work in the Regions

UNI Finance is working with its affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean.
For more information, you can contact:
Andre Rodrigues, Regional Director for UNI Americas Finance
Jim Sauber, UNI Washington / Americas Finance
Joanne De Freitas, Coordinator UNI Bahamas / Americas Finance
Or check: www.uni-americas.org

Community of Finance Unions in Portuguese- Speaking Countries

The Portuguese-speaking unions affiliated to UNI decided to create a specific collaboration and space for sharing information in their own language.
In response to the fragility of the financial industry and the international expansion of financial corporations, they decided to promote the training of union leaders, increase the exchange of experience and optimize the use of existing synergies.

Os sindicatos de Língua Portuguesa afiliados a UNI decidiram criar um fórum específico de discussão. Tendo em vista a fragilidade do sistema financeiro, similitude da língua, assim como a expansão internacional das corporações financeiras, eles decidiram promover a capacitação de líderes sindicais, aumentar a troca de experiências e otimizar la utilização de sinergias existentes.

For more information click here / Encontre aqui mais informações


UNI Finance is working with its affiliates in Africa.
For more information, you can contact:
Aminata Keita, Policy Advisor
Or check : www.uni-africa.org


UNI Finance is working with its affiliates in Asia.
For more information, you can contact:
Jayasri Priyalal, Director Finance, Professional and Managerial Sector Activities
Or check: www.uni-asia.org


UNI Finance is working with its affiliates in Europe.
For more information, you can contact:
Claudia Saller, Policy Officer
Hanna Sjolund, Policy Officer UNI Europa Finance
Or check: www.uni-europa.org

UNI Finance is governed by rules that provide an integrated structure for UNI Finance at global level and in the four regions: UNI Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. The UNI Finance Conference made up of all UNI Finance affiliates unions, has overall responsibility for the policies and activities of UNI Finance. It meets once every four years and elects the UNI Finance President, Vice-Presidents and other members of the Steering Groups in each region.

The UNI Finance Steering Group is responsible for the development of UNI Finance policies and activities in between statutory UNI Finance Conferences. It comprises representatives of UNI Finance affiliates from around the world.

UNI Finance World Steering Group:

President : Edgardo Iozia, UILCA/Italy
Vice-President (Africa): Joe Kokela, SASBO/South Africa
Vice-President (Americas): Sergio Palazzo, AB/Argentina - first two years
Vice-President (Americas): Juvandia Moreira Leite, Contraf-CUT/Brazil - last two years
Vice-President (Asia&Pacific): Seki Yutaka, FNIU/Japan
Vice-President (Europa): Pia Desmet, SETCa/Belgium

At the EU regional level there is a UNI Europa Finance Presidium to decide about UNI work with the EU.

UNI Europa Finance Presidium:

President: Edgardo Iozia, UILCA/Italy
Vice-President: Dominic Hook, UNITE UK
Vice-President: Pia Desmet SETC Belgique
Vice-President: Michael Budolfsen, Denmark
Vice-President: Carola Schwirn, Verdi Germany