In October 2019 we launched a guide to the right to disconnect, drawing upon in-depth research of national disconnection laws and collective agreements. In the guide, we establish ten best practices for unions that want to negotiate a right to disconnect in their companies and countries, and provide a sample text for negotiations. The guide is part of a broader effort to assist unions globally to combat the anxiety, depression, and burnout often associated with a constantly connected world of work. 

Download the guide here in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, and German. You can find a draft in Japanese here.

In March 2020 we released additional guidelines specifically on the right to disconnect during the Coronavirus crisis when many professionals and managers work from home. 

Download the COVID-19 guide here in English, French, Spanish, and Swedish.

In October 2020 we published another guide that looks at the legal aspects of a right to disconnect, and that provides guidance to unions who want to campaign for the introduction of a right in their national legislation.

Download the legal guide here in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Portuguese.

We have further released a video to promote the right to disconnect to trade unions. The video exists in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Japanese.

You can also find all the social media images linked to the release of the videos in the different languages here.